Sand and Heat by Sean Michael

Torquere Press

Historical M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-052-8

Reviewed by Lisa



The desert tribes are a kingdom unto themselves with their own distinct social structure.  The Raya or Lordís word is law including death sentences for disobedience or any other infractions.  Feyer is the personal slave of the old Raya who has cherished and cared for Feyer since the day he was purchased.

Time, heat and age however, have finally taken the old Raya though and the Meun Amut is now Raya.  From the first day with Amut itís been very difficult for the spoiled and pampered Feyer.  A battle of wills ensues with Amut fully intending to master his slave. One way or another Feyer will obey or die.

Self discovery and total surrender are the name of the game in Sand and Heat by multi-talented author Sean Michael.  Sand and Heat is the journey of one slave, a sex slave to the leader.  The two main characters are fascinating; one with all the power and the other with none yet the struggle exists.  Look forward to a sexy, entertaining story aptly titled Sand and Heat.


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