Sammy’s Place by Sean Michael

Between Friends, Book 3

Torquere Press

Erotic M/M Contemporary BDSM

ISBN 978-1-60370-550-9

Reviewed by Nannette




Sammy Bradley is not in a good place. He’s got his best friend Jason and Jason’s boyfriend Harry to rely on, but he’s also got a dead end job and an abusive ex. Peter Lafayette is a friend of Harry’s. When Peter and Sammy meet at a party, they immediately hit it off. William won’t go away, though. He wants Sammy back and he won’t take no for an answer. While Peter tries to help Sammy put his life back together, William is planning his next move. William may not be in his life anymore but he still has the ability to ruin it.

Sammy is a sweet guy. He’s insecure and a little lost. Peter helps him find himself and gives him what he needs. Sex is part of the healing for Sammy. There is a lot of it and each encounter is hotter than the next as the emotions grow stronger between them. As the third book in the Between Friends series, I have grown comfortable with the relationship between Sammy and Jason. It’s special and it works for all of them. Sammy’s Place is a story about healing and finding love. Sammy and Peter have an instant and almost love-at-first-sight connection. At first, it seems things are moving too fast, but then it becomes obvious that they are just two of the lucky ones. They found each other at a time when Sammy needed Peter desperately. Sammy’s Place is an emotionally charged story.


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