Return to Paradise by Tianna Xander

eXtasy Books


ISBN: 978-1-55487-196-4

Reviewed by Jo




Gemma Alexander has put everything into the lodge she now owns and runs.  Paradise has a new alpha and council that leads Gemma to hope that more people will begin to come back to Paradise and stay in her lodge.  However, Gemma is not ready for her two newest guests or the memories they stir in her.  Gemma had to deal with many horrible things after Merrick and Matt left her in Paradise.  How can she let them back into her life and let them discover her secrets?

Merrick Hunter and Mattius Stewart left Paradise ten years ago when they both wanted Gemma and she could not pick one or the other.  They can’t wait any longer to return to Gemma and Paradise—maybe now she can make a choice.  However, many things have changed in Paradise and most importantly to Gemma.  Matt and Merrick discover that not all of these changes were good ones and now they need to find a way to help Gemma. 

It seems that the old alpha and council outlawed Truebounds but it is being rediscovered and the truth is coming out.  Gemma just doesn’t know if she can ever be what Merrick and Matt want, after her past.  Merrick and Matt came with plans to have Gemma and they might have discovered the answer —Truebounding.  Before they can even talk about it, danger comes to Paradise and now protecting Gemma is the most important thing.  Can Matt and Merrick save Gemma and most importantly will they still want her when her secret comes out?

Return to Paradise is exactly what Matt and Merrick do when they decide that being alone without Gemma is too much to bear.  Gemma suffered greatly by staying in Paradise.  Having Matt and Merrick return only brings that back and makes her wonder if you can ever go back.  The passion and love shared by Gemma, Matt and Merrick was easy to see even when Gemma was trying to deny it.  I was very happy to watch Matt and Merrick find out what happened in the past and then decide on a plan of action to protect Gemma from anything ever hurting her again.  Anything can be dealt with when soul mates find each other, which Matt, Gemma and Merrick discovered.  There were a few times that I wondered if Gemma would ever be able to overcome the past and return to Matt and Merrick.  Return to Paradise shows that you really can return home sometimes and to a true love that only grows as time goes on.


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