Renegade Rose by Karen Wiesner

Incognito Series, book 6

Whiskey Creek Press

Suspense Thriller

ISBN: 978-1-60313-134-6

Reviewed by Ley



Hunter Savage will use the last breathe in his body to save his sister from the evil clutches of Rex Kovac, known as the Black Pope.  When Kovac kidnapped Hunterís sister Celine, all bets where off and any rule or regulation that stands in his way of rescuing her will be broken, including those that bind him to the Network.  Celine and Hunter have both pledged their life to the crime fighting organization known as the Network, Hunter has very nearly given his life but when the Network turn their back on saving Celine, Hunter, not fully healed from a previous encounter, defies his pledge and sets out on his own even though this mission could kill him.

Hunter feels the only way to save his sister is to play Kovacís game.  Hunter kidnaps Kovacís cherished wife, Tanya, a famed belly dancer.  Hunterís rescue of his sister is further complicated by the unexpected and unfamiliar feelings he develops for Tanya, and he learns there is more to Tanya than meets the eye.

Renegade Rose is such a great story.  The action and suspense thatís expected from this series is definitely there.  I felt the same adrenaline rush and edge of my seat anticipation with Renegade Rose, as with the previous books, as well as strong emotions for the characters. Karen Wiesner does a great job with surprising her readers with the unexpected and there are plenty of unexpected moments in this story.  With the great writing, terrific characters and storyline the romance aspect of the story is bonus.  With the lives that Tanya and Hunter lived, I could not help but root for them to find some true happiness together. I really enjoyed Renegade Rose and the entire Incognito series.


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