Primal Needs by Susan Sizemore

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ISBN: 1-4165-6212-5

Reviewed by Lisa



For the past three years Sidonie ‘Sid’ Wolf has tried to deny her feelings for Joseph Bleythin.  Sid was able to make Joe forget about their love for each other but she couldn’t shift her own memories aside.  As a female vampire Sid is not allowed to have a relationship let alone love a werewolf.  Recently however, Joe has regained his memories of their time together and he’s furious with Sid for making him forget the passion and love they once shared.

Suddenly an orchestrated effort by unknown forces attempts to expose the supernaturals to the human world.  There are bombings and fires set at vampire and werefolk buildings all over town.  So far nobody has been seriously injured but it’s only a matter of time before the danger escalates.  Meanwhile, the ‘community’ bans together to hide their true nature from mortals and find the culprits.

The only common denominator between the vampires and the arson is an old, dying, human named Rose Cameron.  Long ago Sid’s father, Tony Crowe fell in love with Rose but his Matri refused to allow Tony to bond with Rose.  Tony asks Sid to find his love but only with Joe’s help can Sid hope to discover where Rose is being kept.  It’s up to Joe to decide whether or not he can work again with the woman who deceived him. Then there’s the matter of Sid’s two year old son to be discussed at some point soon.

Primal Needs is sexy entertainment for everyone!  Well worth the wait, Primal Needs is everything we’ve come to expect from talented author Susan Sizemore.  The first part of the story does jump around from past to present and also from the main characters Sid & Joe to Tony & Rose but once you get involved in their stories the switches are invisible.  Fans will rejoice because Primal Needs is a wonderful addition to a truly innovative series.  New readers are sure to love this tale as well with enough snippets of back history included explaining this fascinating parallel world to everyone’s satisfaction.  Primal Needs is not to be missed.


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