Playing With Matches by Mardi Ballou

Fangly, My Dear Book 3

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60504-234-3

Reviewed by Vivian



Newly turned vampire Gabe, is trying to get himself a date.  He enlists the help of a paranormal dating service, Fangly, My Dear to help him find the perfect match.  He ends up being paired with San Francisco cop Tanith, who has real issues with vampires.  She’s hoping to get one night of great sex with the sexy Gabe, which would cure her of her fascination with the vampires.

With a killer on the loose, can Gabe and Tanith overcome each of their own issues and make this work?

Playing With Matches is the third book in the Fangly, My Dear series.  I enjoyed this book, but thought that Tanith had some growing up to do.  Her love/hate fascination with vampires was interesting, and her chemistry with Gabe was very hot.  The suspense in trying to catch a killer was really well written.  I really enjoyed how Playing With Matches ended.  Ms. Ballou tied up the storyline very well.


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