Playing House by Jodi Olson

Romance Devine

Contemporary Romance

ISBN 978-1-934446-01-0

Reviewed by Vivian




In order for Kathryn to get an inheritance she needs a husband.  The fact that she doesnít have one and lied to her mother about it is another matter.  Finding a hunky cowboy to pretend to be her husband should be simple.   Pretending to be her husband was the last thing Mark wanted to, but he decided to help her out for two days.

But that was a lot more than Mark or Kathryn bargained for. 

Playing House was a fun little story.  Kathrynís need for her inheritance seemed like a strong motivation for hiring a cowboy.  Their chemistry is off the charts, and finding a way for them to be together was really interesting.  Playing House is a quick and fun read that I think youíll enjoy too.


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