Night Huntress by Yasmine Galenorn

Sisters of the Moon, Book 5


Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 978-0425225462

Reviewed by Jo




Nothing comes easy for the D’Artigo sisters these days.  That is a thought that Delilah has when it seems that Hags of Fate are messing with her this time.  She is already a Death Maiden for the Autumn Lord, a changeling that can now be either her tabby self or a panther; and if that isn’t enough her boyfriend, Chase, wakes saying another woman’s name.  Now all at once Delilah has a mission to complete for the Autumn Lord and at the same time she learns of where the fourth spirit seal is and that they must get it before Karvanak does. 

Both missions are completed and successful; life should be good – right?  Well maybe not quite as Delilah learns that the Autumn Lord has future plans for her and then Karvanak kidnaps Chase.  Just how is she going to rescue him without risking Earth or the Otherworld?  With the help of her sisters, their friends, magic and a whole lot of luck.

What’s a girl to do when she is part Fae, part human and just wants a normal romance?  Delilah is going to have to figure it out in Night Huntress if she is ever going be happy.  Delilah is suddenly faced with knowledge that can destroy her love life while she has to risk her life for another of the spirit seals.  Finding her true path will risk the lives of all those she loves.  I have truly loved each of the D’Artigo sisters, but Delilah grabs my heart the most as she is the softest of them.  I have found there is just something about her that makes you want to shield her from the harshest parts of life, while I know she must face the hardships. There is danger, horror, suspense and magic that will keep you flipping pages just to see what will happen next and to whom – I know I did.  But mostly I found there is a deep love that helps the sisters, their lovers and friends face every turn both good and bad.  In Night Huntress I learned even more about Delilah and some of what her future just might be and an ending that made me cheer.

Night Huntress is the fifth book in the Sisters of the Moon series and this is a series I would recommend that you read in order.  Each book builds upon the other to tell each addition to the sisters and their mission.  But fair warning, the series can be addicting and then you will be with the rest of us who count the days between each book release.


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