My Hawaiian Song of Love by A.J. Llewellyn

Phantom Lover, Book 4

eXtasy Books

M/M Ménage, Fantasy, Paranormal

ISBN:  978-1-55487-091-2

Reviewed by Jambrea




Could things get any worse for Katie Garrison?  Her boyfriend dumps her right before they are supposed to move to Waikiki, now she is moving all alone.  She meets not one, but two mystery men with secrets and her land lady might be a little nuts.  With Kimo and Lopaka’s help she just might survive her move to Waikiki.

Can she choose between her mystery men?  Will she have to make a choice? 

My Hawaiian Song of Love starts out with heartache, but ends in a true song of love.  Katie might not know it, but Kahanu and Nohea are two halves she needs to make her whole.  I have been reading a lot of A.J. Llewellyn lately and have enjoyed all of his tales.  This one rates up at the top.  Kimo and Lopaka help Katie when she is in need, bringing their added spice to the story as with any Phantom Lover tale.  As always, Hawaii plays a big part in Mr. Llewellyn’s story.  I love the tidbits he shares about the history of the island.  His love of the Hawaiian culture shines through as does his love of his characters. 

Not to worry, My Hawaiian Song of Love is also hot with steamy sex scenes between Katie, Kahanu and Nohea.  Most of Mr. Llewellyn’s stories are between men, but it added a little flavor having a woman not only in the mix, but the voice of the story.  My Hawaiian Song of Love is in first person.  I think that is what makes reading his novels so entertaining, his ability to draw you in and make you forget that the writing is first person.

My Hawaiian Song of Love is a great add to my A. J. Llewellyn collection and I can’t wait for more stories I know Mr. Llewellyn has to offer.


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