Mudslide by Selena Illyria

Del Fantasma Series

Aspen Mountain Press

Paranormal Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60168-154-6

Reviewed by Patrice F.




The last thing Callisto expected was to be rescued from a drunken groomsman by a gorgeous hunk named Pietro.  She didn’t expect to go home with Pietro, either.  But she did.  Now she’s swept off her feet by a man who’s actually a demon—the future king of all demons.   If Callisto had known that little detail maybe, just maybe, she would have thought twice about going anywhere with him. 

Yeah, right.  With a demon like Pietro, she never stood a chance.   He’s got plans for their future together and “no” is not in his vocabulary.

Selena Illyria is gifted when it comes to lusty men who charge in and literally seduce her heroines into complying with anything and everything.   You can’t help but want to trade places with these lucky ladies.  I’m never disappointed with the process, and Pietro lives up to all the expectations I have for this author’s stories. 

Mudslide is a luscious concoction that goes down smoothly and knocks you off your feet with erotically charged scenes and racy conversations that would put a sex phone operator out of business.  Ms. Illyria has approached this with a sizzling hands-on white hot energy that fairly pulses on the pages.  The bedroom bouncing and shaking will turn your brain into Jell-O. 

I believe in spreading this kind of after-holiday-cheer in all its blazing e-published *zing*.   This review is just the packaging, so I strongly suggest tearing into this fiery story to warm up your cozy late night winter reading time.


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