Mating Ritual by Anne Kane

Shifting Priorities, Book 1

Changeling Press

Futuristic, Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-60521-066-7

Reviewed by Jo




Jexx might have jumped from the frying pan into the fire, but she had to get away from that sexy Imperial were-panther Tome.  Now she has two goons who think she is the answer to their dreams and of course, Tome has found her too.  While taking care of business, Tome and Jexx end up back at his ship.  Tome is taking Jexx home with him whether she likes it or not.  However, something happens with the ships' engines on the way.  Now Tome has to hope that his need to convince Jexx that she is his mate didn’t put her into even more danger.  A secret comes out and Jexx finds that love and trust come hand in hand when dealing with this sexy panther.

Everyone knows that the Imperial were-panthers are extinct now, or that was Jexx’s theory until she ended up in bed with one.  Mating Ritual is how Tome and Jexx came to terms with becoming mates.  Jexx just can’t see herself tied down to one man—even one that melts her with a glance.  Besides, once she learns Tome’s secret, her own makes it even more impossible for them to be mates.  Tome knows that Jexx is his and he is going to prove it to her until she will never deny it again.  The actions of both Jexx and Tome had me laughing several times.  Mating Ritual is a wonderful and sexy way to steal some time for yourself. 


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