Mating Dance by Anne Kane

Shifting Priorities, Book 2

Changeling Press

Futuristic, Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-60521-067-4

Reviewed by Jo




Jakeb is one of the Imperial were-panthers who hide in plain sight.  He is trying to come to grips with his needsó he wants an heir but he refuses to mate with a human.  He wished that female were-panthers still existed.  In any case, he would find a way to get his heir.  Jakeb canít stand slave traders and when he comes across one abusing a slave, Jakeb buys her.  Kaitlyn canít believe this sexy and sensual man has not only become her owner but he has offered her a way outóhave his heir and he will set her free.  Kaitlyn and Jakeb both feel the instant attraction and need for the other, but she has a secret that has to be kept at all costs.  Even the undeniable passion they feel together canít stop Kaitlynís plans, but a sneaky were-panther just may discover not only the answer to his dreams but the answer to Kaitlynís too.

Mating Dance is how Jakeb discovers that sometimes dreams really do come true.  Kaitlyn is a slave dancer with a secret that could guarantee she never finds freedom.  Jakeb has been discovering the need to have an heir but he does not want to be with human females.  Kaitlyn and Jakeb came together with a flash and a passion that seemed almost too quick until I discovered just what Kaitlynís secret was.  These Imperial were-panthers are just too sexy for any woman to ignore, like they would want to.  Mating Dance brings another look at the hidden world of the were-panthers who saved humanityóa hot and sexy look at that.


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