Mama’s Tales by Brenna Lyons


Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 1-59426-627-1

Reviewed by Patrice F.




“A Perfect Record”

George earned the nickname “Porgy” at age 12, when he stole a kiss from Becca.  Now after their parents’ deaths, Becca’s six brothers zealously guard her, refusing to let George court her.  Little do they know that Becca has taken things into her own hands, and is determined to do everything her way.  Come hell or high water, George is hers!

This hot little story is as sassy as the nursery rhyme about rebellious Georgie Porgy who’s all about breaking the rules to woo his dream girl.  It’s a cute take on the whole “kiss the girls” theme with a naughty and fun twist.  Some girls can’t resist a boy who’s willing to charge into a rather risky situation, which of course, just makes everything fun.


“Sweeter Than Honey”

What happens when Goldie and Sammy get chased up a tree by three angry bears?  They end up spending the night in a tree house!  What follows is yet another odd conversation revolving around Goldie’s misadventures.  Add a bottle of honey that Goldie filched and everything gets heated and sticky with an inventive, smitten Sammy.

This wickedly different spin on Goldie Locks and the Three Bears made me smile.   It’s an interesting mix of cute-meets-sexy in a setting and plot that reminds us to always retain our inner child.  I giggled aloud at this coming of age frolic, and so will you.  


“When She Was Good”

Lady Thereasa is her great aunt’s heir.  The time has come when she must leave home, and young Davey is chosen to act as escort.  Horrendous temptation follows. Can Davey resist Thereasa? 

Honorable intentions and duty aside, Terri has her own agenda.  Davey’s in for more than his fair share of surprises.

Another sweet tidbit involving seduction and desire tempered by the need to stay true to one’s heart and values.  I admired the thrust-and-parry antics of Thereasa and Davey’s love games as they struggled to maintain the status quo from opposite ends.  Once they reach a compromise, everything comes up…if not roses, well then a delightful gambol, which takes their relationship on to fulfillment and bliss.


Mama’s Tales is a vibrant anthology that reshapes nursery rhymes and bedtime stories into sensual lessons which follows young love and its consequences.  It’s another splendid example of Brenna Lyons’ writing versatility and dazzling imagination.   Needless to say, I was charmed by the characters and the daring scenarios that unfolded in every chapter.   This was a delightful and titillating read.


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