Love Slave for Two by Tymber Dalton

Siren Publishing

Erotic Contemporary M/M/F Ménage

ISBN 1-60601-296-7

Reviewed by Nannette



Nevaeh Barton is a housekeeper for Tyler Paulson and his lover Thomas Kinsey. For six months, Tyler and Thomas have wanted Nevvie to be the third part of their relationship but Nevvie is fragile and has a boyfriend. After Thomas and Tyler save Nevvie from Alex’s brutal beating, they take her home where they begin to give her all the material and emotional support they can. They have a rough road ahead of them starting with convincing Nevvie that she was made for two men. 

Nevvie is a very lucky girl. Not only does she have two sexy men who want her desperately, but they are great guys too. Thomas and Tyler are loving and compassionate men.  They fit together perfectly. Nevvie makes them three. Nevvie is shy and sweet and lacks self confidence, but she really blossoms because of Thomas and Tyler’s TLC throughout the book. Love Slave for Two is a realistic portrayal of an unconventional love story.


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