Lord of Shadows by Mary Lennox

Five Star

Sensual Historical

ISBN: 978-1-59414-697-8

Reviewed by Nannette



Lord Devlin Charmichael is a spy for the Home Office in Britain. Currently, Devlin is trying to locate the members of the United Band who are trying to kill his brother, King Ari of Zaranbad, and destroy Zaranbad’s alliance with Britain. Dev is a man of mystery in society and both awed and feared.

Lady Caroline Berring lives on the fringes of society due to a scandal. When Dev steps in to help her gain the respect of the ton, things go slightly awry. Suitors come out of the woodwork but so does danger. Dev must protect Caroline, whether she wants it or not. Dev has no room in his life for love, he faces danger every day, but Caroline is proving to be a temptation too strong to deny.

Lord of Shadows is a story rich in romance and tradition. The authentic dialogue and scenery is wonderful.  Dev is mysterious and sexy. He is often a brooding hero, whose feelings, especially for Caroline, are tangible. He wears his heart on his sleeve. Dev doesn’t think he’s good enough for sweet Caroline. He desperately wants to keep her safe by staying away but his need for her is too great. Caroline is strong-minded, strong-willed, and intelligent. She is a refreshing heroine for the time period.  She is unique in a sea of women who clamor to be the same. Lord of Shadows is exciting, dangerous, a bit dark at times, very romantic and sensual.


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