Lockdown by Augusta Li

and Eon de Beaumont


Yaoi Futuristic

ISBN: 978-1-59426-873-1

Reviewed by Ley



Living in his fatherís shadow Brian/Invinci-Boy, will do anything for his fatherís approval.  Invinci-Boy decides taking down his father archenemy Taro would show his father and the world he is more than his fatherís son.  But coming from underneath his fatherís shadow wasnít the only thing weighing on Brian, he also had a battle waging inside of him as he struggle to come to terms with his sexuality. Ironically his fatherís archenemy Taro may be the person Invinci-Boy and Brian both need.

Lockdown was an amusing change from the books I normally read. Comic book type stories donít usually appeal to me but I was very entertained by Lockdown.  Readersí looking for a fun and quick read will find Lockdown fits the bill.


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