Lie To Me by Starr Ambrose

Pocket Books


ISBN: 978-1-4165-8664-7

Reviewed by Ley




Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Coggins and Jack Payton need each other.  Jack needs to show that he’s fit to be a part of society and his daughter’s life.  Enlisting Ellie to be his fiancée to show he’s in a stable relationship, if only on the surface, is a step in the right direction.  Ellie needs Jack in order to get closer to his brother, the man who took the life of her best friend.  Eleanor is determine to make Banner Westfield pay for his part in the death of her best friend and Jack is exactly what she need to help her do just that. 

Neither Ellie nor Jack could have prepared themselves for the unexpected twist and turns that were thrust upon them. 

Lie To Me is an edge of your seat page-turner.  Starr Ambrose did a great job for her first novel.  I loved the characters and thought the plot twists were very believable and very well done.  The relationship between Jack and Ellie is great.  I like how they interact with each other it was perfect for the story, and they had such great chemistry.  Readers looking for a suspenseful and intriguing story with a great romance should definitely pick up Lie To Me.


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