Let Them Eat Cake by Kathy Pratt


Historical Time Travel

ISBN: 978-1-58749-676-9

Reviewed by Tanya



Anna is ecstatic she is finally getting to France for a trip, and will even have the chance to research her ancestors while there.  Now it looks like the trip will be even better as her co worker Dr. Jeff appears to also be on the trip.  While Anna has never had the courage to make a move on Dr. Jeff ,she has always been attracted to him.  But, then it appears he might not be alone on the trip and she is frustrated by how he is acting.

When the misunderstanding is taken care of both Jeff and Anna are having a fantastic time touring France with the group.  Then suddenly Anna appears to become ill and Jeff cares for her.  What Jeff doesn’t know is that Anna has disappeared into a mysterious fog and transported back to 18th century France.  To make things more interesting she runs into Jeff’s French ancestors and is even mistaken for the ancestor she was trying to research while on the trip.  Anna figures out that she and Jeff might have more of a history together than either knew.

Will Anna be stuck in the past, and if not will anyone believe what has happened to her.?

Let Them Eat Cake was a fun time travel romance.  I laughed at the initial misunderstanding between Anna and Jeff and enjoyed how Jeff didn’t give up on her.  Especially when things took an odd turn of events.  I thought the overall time travel was woven expertly into the story and made it believable, including the ways that Ms. Pratt had the other characters learn about what happened, and how it came about.  If you like a fast paced romance centered around the time of the French Revolution, you will thoroughly enjoy Let Them Eat Cake.  I especially enjoyed the author’s thoughts on genetics and déjà vu.


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