Last Glass of Wine by Bekki Lynn

Siren Publishing


ISBN: 1-60601-050-6

Reviewed by Tanya



Lana has a lot on her mind, her approaching 30th birthday, her uber hot boss and her crush on him, and now issues at work.  She is convinced her boss is doing things to make her want to quit, he seems to be giving her more hours and responsibilities but she doesn’t know why.  Then one night he makes her dreams come true and they share a passionate kiss.  But, then suddenly he turns around and acts like nothing happened.  What she doesn’t know is that Cole is most likely going to have to move away and doesn’t want to be unfair to Lana.  But, Lana cannot figure out what is going on.  Will they figure things out in time?

Last Glass of Wine is a fast paced story about two strong characters that are attracted to each other but are convinced there is now way the other will feel the same way.  Lana is convinced Cole wants to fire her but in reality he is doing thing to keep her close as he can count on her.  Will these two ever get together and be able to focus their energies on each other instead of being frustrated?

I enjoyed Last Glass of Wine and think that anyone who likes to read about strong characters who will sacrifice their happiness for loved ones will enjoy the twists and turns throughout the story.


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