Kristen’s Addiction by Evangeline Anderson

Ellora’s Cave

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781419917806

Reviewed by Shayna




Kristen is comfortable in her life as a successful, well-liked pediatrician.  After dropping her car off for repair one night, Kristen is attacked by a vampire.  A vampire’s bite leaves a person addicted to vampire venom.  Kristen is left with no other option than to offer herself to vampires to feed off of.  When her addiction leads Kristen to her mechanic, Joe, the man she’s lusted after for so long, Kristen’s life takes another turn.

Joe has been attracted to the curvaceous doctor for a long time, but believes they could never have a future together.  He’s a blue-collar vampire; she’s a doctor with no desire to be a venom addict.  Joe offers to help Kristen find a cure, but to do so they have to track down the vampire who attacked her.  As they search for the rogue, Kristen and Joe’s necessary dependence on one another gives way to their more powerful desire for each other.  But with lust turning to love, will Kristen sacrifice her newfound relationship with Joe for the chance to get her old life back?

Just when I thought I’d seen every take on the vampire mythos, Evangeline Anderson comes along and puts a new spin on my favorite paranormal species.  Kristen’s Addiction is a fresh, engaging, meltingly sexy read I could not put down.

I adored this story because I cared about its hero and heroine.  What drew me to Joe is that, though outwardly abrasive, he’s willing to do whatever it takes, sacrifice anything for Kristen.  He’s also the perfect blend of dominance, kindness, intellect, and strength.  The complexity of his nature is appealing, adding depth to his character, which intrigued me.  Kristen, in turn, is easy to grow attached to.  She’s intelligent, independent, but stuck in a situation she never could have imagined and dealing with it the best way she knows how.  Both she and Joe make mistakes in their relationship, which serves to humanize them and give the story a realistic feel, even with its paranormal elements.

Kristen’s Addiction is scorchingly hot and will undoubtedly bring a flush to your cheeks.  Joe and Kristen are a perfect match on every level, though in one club scene I was slightly concerned Joe was going a bit too far.  Aside from that minor point, I thoroughly enjoyed Kristen’s Addiction.  Ms. Anderson has a talent for delivering sexy, alluring tales, and I find myself becoming increasingly addicted to her work.


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