Knowing Caleb by Cameron Dane

Hawkins Ranch, Book 4

Loose Id

M/M Paranormal Western

ISBN: 978-1-59632-775-7

Reviewed by Ley




Caleb Hawkins didn't think finding true love and falling in love was in the cards for him.  Not because he was demon, after all his brothers both were demons and they found their true loves who not only brought them happiness but also released the demons from their souls.  Caleb believes he will never find true love and happiness because he doesn't deserve it.  Living his demon life alone for however longer he lives is what Caleb believes he deserves, but that was before he met the person who had him thinking differently about love and many other things.

Jake Chase a widower of six years was tired of traveling the rodeo circuit.  He's been traveling around ever since his wife died, and he was ready to settle in one place.  Taking a job as Caleb's foreman on the Hawkins' ranch opened a door that Jake wasn't ready to pass through and one he never thought he would want to pass through.

Jake and Caleb are two men who never saw themselves as gay and never thought that the person to awaken their soul to love would be another man.  Can Jake move past the memory of his wife to love again and can Caleb open his demon heart to allow Jake in?

I was thrilled when Knowing Caleb became available, I couldn't wait to read Caleb's story and even though it wasn't what I was hoping it to be, I did enjoy it.  Cameron Dane takes us back to the Hawkins's Ranch to watch as the love between Jake and Caleb unfolds.  Both men were not open or ready to fall in love, especially not with each other.  I really liked them together and enjoyed their romance from denial to surrender.  As much as I enjoyed them, and visiting with the other characters I have come to love in Ms. Dane's piece of Montana, I wasn't totally taken with the storyline surrounding Caleb's demon side and the secret he was keeping that made him feel unworthy of love.  I won't go into details as not to give away secrets of the book, but I just felt that aspect of the story was more drawn out than it needed to be.  I totally understand Jake's reluctance to be with Caleb on an emotional level but I felt Caleb was being way to hard on himself.  All in all Knowing Caleb still holds the same suspense and anticipation as Ms. Cameron's previous books in this series and the chemistry between Jake and Caleb definitely makes it worth reading.


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