Kabana Heat by Titania Ladley

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 1-60504-128-9

Reviewed by Indy




Mitch Wulfrum’s current predicament finally has an answer in a marriage in name only to a well-off business man’s daughter. An answer that is mutually beneficial to him and his new bride, and that will hopefully finally quell the gay rumors swirling around Hollywood’s latest superstar. Kiona would never have guessed she would have to take such drastic measures as to marry a stranger but if it’s between that and losing the home and the man she loves she’s willing to do what ever it takes. Nothing prepared Kiona or Mitch for the instantaneous attraction that resulted in their initial meeting or the interesting secret the love of her life Kol has been keeping from her. A secret that just might help the union between three people become a triad made in heaven. That’s if they can protect each other from Kiona’s manipulative father before he wrecks all of their lives for good.

In a story that shows what people are willing to do during desperate situations, Kabana Heat entices readers with the beauty and allure of the Hawaiian Islands and its exotic inhabitants. From the first page the stage is set when Hollywood actor meets island vixen and even as she tries to fight the heat they produce just from being near each other, Mitch is not so willing to loose a chance at experiencing how her passionate nature would translate in the bedroom. In steps the jealous and also bi-sexual lover of the heroine and this book takes off on one emotional situation after another. Feelings are dangerous enough without adding in jealousy, hurt and meddling parents who won’t let go. Titania Ladley did an interesting job of setting of these three and the only thing I would have liked to see differently maybe a slower build-up between the two men. It was a little hard to swallow that two men who were so far in the closet would jump out within one meeting. Outside of that little hiccup this is really a flaming hot ménage that sizzles the fingers for sure!


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