Jasonís Accord by Regan Taylor

eXtasy Books

Erotic Futuristic

ISBN: 978-1-55487-077-6

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Andi is livid with her father.  He has contracted her to marry an old, horrible man.  Trying to change his mind and failing, Andi does what she usually does when she has to think.  She goes off Eadron, another planet in order to think and relaxthis time with a cargo full of her friends, .  While there the women and Andi are kidnapped by foul Martans and transported to their planet as sex slaves.  The entire time they are traveling, her capturers continue to stress how horrible she will be treated and that in order to survive she must do what her new owner says without question as well as lay and take what her new master gives her.  Andi takes those words to heart because if there is anything she is positive about, it is the fact that Jason, her new owner, is much less cruel than the other men vying to buy a slave.

Jason Dumont does not know why he agreed to accompany his best friend to a companion auction.  Never believing in the purchase of slaves, Jason is unable to fathom why he just purchased an Eadroni woman.  Wait.  Yes he does know why.  The woman caught his attention and when that happened, Jason knew he was not leaving that auction without her.  And he doesnít.  Taking her home and trying his best to alleviate her fears, Jason is disheartened when the woman doesnít touch him.  He knows he arouses her.  He knows he isnít cruel.  He doesnít know why she wonít make an effort to touch him.  When he finds out why, after months of trying to figure it out, Jason vows that he and Andi will be together always.  But then again, Andi, or Miranda as she is called on the Martan planet, doesnít know about his marriage to the Princess Adnarim.

I want to first state emphatically that if I am ever caught up in a slave auction and set on the block, I want Jason Dumont to buy me.  The man is sex on a stick and his characters made me shiver.  He was kind to Miranda but not having had a companion before, Jason overlooked things and when he found out he wasnít taking care of his woman, he righted all wrongs immediately.  When first introduced to Andi, I wasnít sure I would like her. She seemed very spoiled and very headstrong.  The amount of time and the font of information she absorbed before being sold must have set in her brain because the selfish woman of the first scene who stamped her foot at her father seemed to grow up and become an enticing woman. 

Jasonís Accord is a worthy read.  Readers will be treated to a bit of D/s with their story but most of all; Jasonís Accord is well written and enticingly sexy.  It was a great novel!


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