Intergalactic Nick by Nathalie Gray

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN:  9781419911293

Reviewed by Jo




Louisa “Lulu” Bertrand is no longer a security chief, but not even retirement can end her hunt for the one man that has constantly escaped her.  Chief Lulu is determined to bring Intergalactic Nick down, no matter what her body thinks it would rather do with Nick.  Nicholas Dumouchet is known around the galaxy as Intergalactic Nick and has a long following of beautiful woman who would never turn him in.  Nick is a lover and a gentleman thief – one that has never left a woman without a feeling of satisfaction.  So what if he happens to take a bit extra when he leaves the women; it’s part of the game.  There is one woman that Nick would love to get into bed but that would end the intriguing game of cat and mouse he has with Chief Lulu, or would it?

Intergalactic Nick is an erotic and sassy interlude between Chief Lulu and Nick.  One hot enough that is should have melted the metal they are lying on.  Chief Lulu has being trying for six years to capture Nick and she finally just might have him.  Nick has enjoyed playing a hide and seek game with Lulu that has just increased the sensual feelings he has for Lulu.  I was not surprised that when Nick and Lulu came face to face the heat between them could and should have set off a fire alarm.  I was surprised at the ending but when I thought about it, it was perfect for Nick and Lulu.  Besides everyone knows that the chase can be just as sexy as the coming together and when you are taking about Nick and Lulu that is saying a lot.  Intergalactic Nick is one of those stories you want to have on your keeper shelf that is hot and sexy and fun all at once.  It is also one that you will find yourself reading over and over again.


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