Instant Attraction by Jill Shalvis

Wilder Brothers, Book 1



ISBN: 978-0758231239

Reviewed by Shayna



The sole survivor of a fatal bridge collapse, Katie Kramer resolves to live her life “balls out” from now on.  Determined to live her life traveling from one adventure to the next, Katie finds herself heading from Los Angeles to the Sierras, where she takes a temporary job at Wilder Adventures as the office manager.  Living in one of the Wilders’ cabins, Katie wakes up one night to find a mysterious, sexy stranger claiming she’s in his bed.

After a terrible accident took away the life he once knew, Cameron Wilder left his home in Wishful, California to travel.  Now home once more, he wants nothing more than to get some sleep.  So when Cam finds someone in his bed, he’s none-too-pleased, even if that someone is a gorgeous “Goldilocks.”  Though they get off to a rough start, passion and a thirst for excitement soon draw Katie and Cam closer together.  But will their unwillingness to put their hearts on the line bring their newfound relationship to an end, or will two wary souls risk everything for what could be the greatest adventure of all?

Get ready for a fast-paced, meltingly sexy, heartwarming romance.  As wild as the hero’s name suggests, Instant Attraction grabbed my attention from the get-go and didn’t let go until the very end.

Cam and Katie were characters you couldn’t help but fall for.  Each has been through a traumatic, life-changing accident which left its mark on them, and each deals with it in their own way.  I admire Katie for opening herself up to new experiences, to living her life “balls out,” as she is fond of saying.  As for Cam, his withdrawing from the life he loved is understandable, given what he went through.  I was captivated watching Katie draw him out, getting him to not only survive, but to truly live once more.  They were a perfect fit, each being exactly what the other needed, in life, in bed, and in love.

Not only did I love Cam and Katie, I became extremely attached to the rest of the Wilder family.  I loved the subplot of Cam’s Aunt Annie trying to work things out with her husband, Nick.  I was every bit as invested in their troubled relationship as I was to Katie and Cam’s growing one.  As for Cam’s brothers, Jill Shalvis has made me incredibly impatient for Stone and T.J.’s stories.  And given the sparks that began to fly the minute Emma was introduced, she and Stone are bound to heat up the page in the upcoming Instant Gratification.  Filled with characters I adored and not one, but two romances I was invested in, Instant Attraction charmed me from the first page to the last, leaving me fully satisfied and hungry for Ms. Shalvis’s next Wilder brother tale.


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