In a Family Way by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox

Torquere Press

Erotic M/M Contemporary

ISBN 978-1-60370-567-7

Reviewed by Nannette




Tobyís kids are spending Christmas Eve with him and Ven.  Ven is nervous about it. He loves Toby and he wants Tobyís kids to love him too. Toby has the same worries, but with all the love in their home nothing could go wrong.

In a Family Way is one of my favorite Ven and Toby stories. Itís about family, love, and relationships. Its real life and heartwarming, and it made me fall in love with Ven and Toby all over again.  They are so tight, so in love, and so perfect together. The shower scene is amazing. The sex is incredibly hot and the emotions are really heartfelt.  In a Family Way is another great story about two of my favorite guys. 


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