Hostages of Love by Sophie del Mar

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Contemporary m/f

ISBN: 1-60601-022-0

Reviewed by Beth Anne




Watching airline pilot Captain Sean Merrick come out of his year long bereavement after the loss of his wife, is like watching someone wake from a deep sleep or having the fog lifted off the bayou, only to quickly find out almost every flight attendant (man and woman) has the hots for Sean!  The sexual exploits are fast, fun, furious, fantasy filled romps!  And the meeting with actress Larrisa Christie and subsequent developments between Larrisa and Sean was also fun and believable. 

What drew me to this book besides the hot cover?  Iím not sure if it was the combination of the cover and the book blurb (that cover is hot isnít it?), and at first I was hesitant knowing it had an airline hostage situation, but Iím glad I did read this book.  The characters had depth and the plot line was engaging, and the sexual gamesÖWow!  Hostages of Love has a lot of fantasies for both men and women interwoven in the story and I enjoyed it very much.


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