Holding Holly by Viola Grace

Sisters of Silverwood, Book 6



ISBN 978-1-55487-199-5

Reviewed by Tanya




Holly can feel emotions that are all around her.  It is considered to be a gift by many but around the holidays it is enough to drive a woman mad.  So she, as usual, retreats to a friend’s cabin.  Only this year some strange things seem to be happening.  First there is the sexy man in her dreams that seems to be real.  Secondly there is the elf that is starting to appear like a stalker.  She thought he got the clue that she didn’t want to see him before she left home but, now he has shown up at the cabin.  Can the man/dragon of her dreams help her with the stalker, and is he more than just a friend?

I enjoyed Ms. Grace’s look into the holidays and how there might just be more than one explanation for the elves helping Santa.  Though Holding Holly is a fun stand alone book I do have to say I was a bit lost about the other “sisters” and the reference to camp.  But, if I ignored these references I found Holding Holly to be a wonderful stand alone story.  I love the dragon and definitely think the necklace is a unique idea.  I continue to be a fan of Ms. Grace’s, who can write a seriously erotic love scene, and now will have to go and look for the first 5 Sisters of Silverwood stories.


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