Hellís Angel by Stephani Hecht

Archangel Series, Book 4

eXtasy Books

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-55487-132-2

Reviewed by Shayna



For Appolion, going from centuries of isolation to being reunited with his siblings and fulfilling his destiny as a member of the archangel Order of Four isnít exactly smooth sailing.  But with the help of his mate, Ana, Appolion is beginning to adjust.  That is until he and Ana find themselves and their families under attack by the angel council and their justice angels.  Itís angel against angel as new alliances are born and the lines between good and evil become blurred.

The war has begun and Heaven will never be the same.

Stephani Hecht just keeps upping the stakes in her incredibly addictive Archangel series.  In Hellís Angel, Ms. Hecht flawlessly combines high-octane thrills with tender romance to deliver a gripping story that is supremely satisfying.  I loved watching Appolion and Ana fall in love in the previous Archangel book, Rogue Angel.  In Hellís Angel, I was enthralled not only watching their relationship grow, but to see the development of Cam, Bear, and the rest of the Lehor brothers.

Hellís Angel marks a turning point in the series with the beginning of the war, so itís difficult to talk much about the book for fear of giving away spoilers.  Suffice it to say that new characters and ďspeciesĒ (for lack of a better term) are introduced, adding more layers to the series.  I love the way Ms. Hecht adds complexity to the series in an organic fashion, letting the intricacy build without ever pulling me out of the book.  I enjoy this series not only for the romance, but for the way Ms. Hecht blends it with world-building.  The story arc advances at a quick pace but never overshadows the focus on love, whether between mates or family, which is at the heart of each of these tales.

For those new to Ms. Hechtís Archangel Series, if you do not want to start with the first book, Angel Warriors, I recommend reading at least book three in the series, Rogue Angel, before starting Hellís Angel, as the book picks up not long after the point Rogue Angel leaves off.  In the end, the most I can say is that I loved Hellís Angel.  Itís a captivating addition to an already enthralling series and I finished the book wanting nothing more than to continue on to the next Archangel tale.


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