Heart of the Dragon by Gena Showalter
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 0-373-77057-X
Reviewer: Melissa


While running for her life through the Amazon jungle, Grace Carlyle accidently finds herself running through a portal that leads to another world. She soon discovers that Atlantis is more than just a myth. Plus, it's inhabited by shape-shifting dragons. Darius en Kragin is the leader of this people and the Guardian of this particular portal. His duty is to kill any traveler who comes through the gate, a duty that he has never failed at, until he sees Grace.

For some reason he can't bring himself to kill her. Instead, he imprisons her in his palace. Darius tells himself that it's only because he needs to find out where Grace got the dragon necklace that she's wearing. When Grace manages to escape, Darius goes after her. In the process of getting her back, he discovers that there is a conspiracy between humans and vampires to take over Atlantis and steal it's wealth. A conspiracy which has already claimed the life of Darius's mentor, leaving control of the other portal in human and vampire hands. Now Darius has to come to grips with his feelings for Grace and wrest control of the portal from the invaders.

Heart of the Dragon is a paranormal romance lovers dream. It has it all: vampires, shape-shifting dragons, Atlantis, sexy love scenes, and emotional intensity. Within the first 3 pages, I cared about Darius and wanted his happiness. I didn't stop rooting for him until the it was over. Grace is spunky without being grating, and was the perfect heroine for Darius. Add to this a cliffhanger for a future story featuring Atlantis and the Dragons. Gena Showalter delivers another winner with Heart of the Dragon!


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