Glory of Love by Sinclair LeBeau
Genesis Press
African American, Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1885478191
Reviewed by Nikita Steele




Years ago Addison Wagner rescued Nina Sterling from a nasty situation that almost resulted in a rape.  From that moment forth Addison became a secret hero never to be forgotten in Nina’s heart.  Now, years later Nina found herself working alongside Addison in a local hospital and the childhood crush has turned into a full blown love addiction.  But, with her ‘plain Jane’ looks, Nina knew that she could never attract the attention of someone as dashingly handsome as Dr. Addison Wagner. 

Or so she thought.

Dr. Addison Wagner was well known as a ladies’ man.  With his good looks and family wealth it wasn’t hard for Addison to catch a woman’s eye.  Not that he wanted this reputation; but, because he had been deeply hurt in the past by a woman whom he had given his heart to Addison vowed to never let another woman close to him again and to only have a ‘no commitment’ type of relationship with the women he was involved with.  That was until he began to take interest in Nina Sterling, a fellow doctor.

Now, the question becomes will Nina want to be romantically involved with a man who only has only seen women as conquests?

From low self-worth, betrayal and physical abuse to trust, passion and commitment Glory of Love dealt with many hardcore issues that kept this reader greatly intrigued until the very end.  This story maintained the traditional roles where the heroine believed in romance and the hero was wary of anything remotely related to romance.  However, after getting to know Nina on a more personal level Addison couldn’t help but fall under the spell of wanting to plan a future with the woman he loved.  Both Nina and Addison were headstrong and highly intelligent characters with a deep sense of loyalty, even though they sometimes appeared to be on opposite sides of some major issues at one time or another.  Yet, it was because of this factor that I found Glory of Love to be such an enjoyable read.  Thanks go to Sinclair LeBeau for writing such an incredible, touching story.


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