Food for the Gods by Camille Anthony

Red Rose Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60435-184-2

Reviewed by Lisa




Once upon a time good King Erestes ruled Croapolis with his sweet daughter Princess Daphne Eresteou by his side.   But, when King Erestes died, King Menaeos took the crown along with his daughter Princess Ordana and they were neither good nor sweet to the people of Croapolis at all.

The three sons of Poseidon, Titan of the Oceans are named Plador, Polyphemus and Porimus.  Although they spent their days happily frolicking, screwing or doing their fatherís bidding they wanted more, they wanted a woman of their very own.

The fates smiled on the sons of Poseidon when they found Daphne.  Poseidon was angry with the rulers of Croapolis and sent his sons to punish them.  The timing is perfect to claim their woman and perhaps free the people of Croapolis.

Ancient myths come vividly to life in Food for the Gods by author Camille Anthony.  The whimsy and charm of age old mythology blends well with highly erotic sexual situations.  Food for the Gods is an erotic, entertaining and light hearted treat for readers to enjoy.  For those who love the old stories and myths, Food for the Gods is beyond fun!


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