Fire by Rebecca Williams, Susie Charles,

Rae Monet, Jodi Lynn Copeland,

Leigh Wyndfield and Blaise Kilgallen

The Zodiac Series

Anthology, Contemporary

Liquid Silver Books

ISBN: 978-1-59578-438-4

Reviewed by Raine




“Slow Burn” by Rebecca Williams

Rebel Pemberton-Blythe works for Aidan Quinn as a legal secretary. Reb and Aidan made a pact that if they reached thirty and they were both still single they were going to get together for a night of hot, wild sex to take their minds off their lives and their ages. Now, three years later, at thirty, they are each still single and plan their night together. Only over the course of the three years this night has become more than just sex, to both of them and now they need to find a way to let each other know it.

The passion portrayed in “Slow Burn” is off the charts. Reb and Aidan jump off the pages at you with their strong personalities. It is an incredible tale you will not want to miss out on.


“A Ram for Sam” by Susie Charles

Sam’s love life sucks and her best friend, Jodi, who means well keeps trying to play matchmaker in her life. A horoscope reading has Jodi trying to fix Sam up with a man. When Sam’s next door neighbor and childhood friend Ben finds out about the matchmaking he makes his move to get Sam’s attention in his direction.

“A Ram” is a really cute story about the boy next door who gets overlooked until the timing is right and then Ben makes his move to get Sam’s attention. And once he does every glance and touch between the two is combustible.


“Chantilly’s Lace” by Rae Monet

Chandra, who owns her own lingerie company, Chantilly’s Lace, is on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. While attending a convention that isn’t panning out Chandra decides to pick up a guy for one night, no questions, and first names only, no strings attached sex. The only problem with that plan is that months later she is still dreaming about him. When she unexpectedly gets a chance to reconnect with Scott fear of what he thinks of her makes her run.

All I can say about “Chantilly’s Lace” is you have to read this story! The characters are very three dimensional and the storyline is excellent. This is one of those stories that will pull you in to the point you can see and feel everything they do.


“Eve’s Interlude” by Jodi Lynn Copeland

Eve runs a bar called Eve’s Interlude. It is the only place where she seems to have a found a niche that she is not wanting to move on after a couple years. But with her brother meddling in her life she is really unhappy. That is until she meets Adrien, a Nextel driver, and both of their lives are irrevocably changed in ways they never thought possible.

What is neat about “Eve’s Interlude” is that Adrien is Scott’s twin from “Chantilly’s Lace”. I love stories that continue and you get to see a bigger picture. Once we get to know Eve and Adrien and their story, the briefly connect with Scott and Chandra.


“The Hanging Man” by Leigh Wyndfield

Gabriella Etall, youngest daughter of the King of the Taurus people, has the special gift of Empathy. But the kingdom of people she belongs to shun those with special gifts. Since she is different she is usually being frowned about, even by her own family. The day comes when she acts inappropriately and her father bans her to 5 years of prayer and silence. Gabby knows during that window of time she will miss her opportunity to find a like mate. Gabriella decides to seduce a man before the commencement of her exile. What she doesn’t know is the man she picks has powers of his own.

“The Hanging Man” is a wonderfully woven tale of a misunderstood princess who falls for what the people of her kingdom would consider “a bad boy”. Gabby and Brac compliment each other’s personalities wonderfully. It is a bonus in “The Hanging Man” to see the man realize his love first and then sweat over it a bit.


“Taking a Chance” by Blaise Kilgallen

Joy Winters is supposed to be on her way to the big city for an audition. She nods off on a twenty-first century train and she awakens to a time of outhouses, telegrams and gunslingers. There Joy meets Pete Rivers, aka Chance, who gives her a job singing in his saloon and a room on the upper floor. Meanwhile Joy awaits the train that will hopefully be able to get back to her own time and place.

“Taking a Chance” starts off to be a cute story about a cowboy taking in a lost filly in need and somehow just becomes a dream where the guy and gal don’t end up together.


Fire was an excellent anthology. The stories are super hot and a one in particular, “Chantilly’s Lace,” completely drew me in emotionally as I felt what the characters felt and when I have tears of happiness streaming down my face I know I have read an incredible story. All the stories except “Taking a Chance” seemed to be similar in genre, I am not sure how it fit in. Also, it did not serve a happy ending unless Joy getting back to her own century is it, because she certainly does not get the guy or the prospect of one. But the first five stories of Fire make the book well worth the purchase.


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