Feral Moon by Regina Carlysle


Ellora’s Cave

Paranormal, Light Bondage

ISBN:  9781419917974

Reviewed by Jo




Mahara Jones is out having drinks with a friend when she is hit with visions, erotic sensations, wet panties and the need to have sex now.  Oh, man! Did someone drug her drink?  Mahara knows she has to get out and get help.  She stumbles into her boss, Titus, while trying to leave the club.  She has had a fantasy of her boss since she met him, but then again all the girls do.  Mahara has no choice but to ask for his help.  Luckily, he seems to understand what she is trying to say.

Titus Declan is the alpha of Turquoise Moon—a were-panther tribe.  He has watched and waited, now it is finally time for him to claim his queen—Mahara. Titus knows all about what is happening to Mahara and he knows just how to help with her hidden psychic powers and transformation.  With the help of two of his top men, Titus will claim Mahara and bring all her gifts out safely.  It’s going to be one hot night.

Feral Moon starts off like a hot, sexy rocket and never stops.  Mahara has no idea what is happening to her and now it seems to be reaching new and scary heights.  Titus has been waiting for Mahara to reach her majority and for her gifts to be ready to emerge.  At first, I wondered about Titus and what was going on but I discovered quickly the cause of Mahara’s distress and the erotic way that Titus had to help her.  The use of natural sex toys was very intriguing.  Feral Moon takes coming-of-age into a whole new realm, an erotic one. 


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