Falling for You by Barbara Elsborg

Trueblood, Book 2

Loose Id

Paranormal/Vampire/Shape Shifter

ISBN: 9781596328303

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Jo has a slight problem.  For five days out of every month, she has almost uncontrollable sexual urges.  Every man that she sees is a potential bedmate whether they want to be or not. The only way she can keep the urgency to have sex at bay is to run until she is exhausted and it is during one of these runs that she stumbles, literally, upon Alek.

Alek is a vampire and has been mortally wounded. Without the blood he needs to regenerate and heal his wounds, Alek will perish. Underground and too weak to help himself, Alek is resigned to his fate.  That is, until the beautiful and pheromone laden Jo lands almost in his arms. 

Alek and Jo seem to heal each other.  Their attraction to one another is instantaneous and steamy.  Their idyllic time together has to end, however, because bigger things are at stake -- namely Alek’s land and Jo’s ability to breed. 

Jo and Alek grabbed my heart early on – Jo most especially because she was confused.  She had no idea that she was a werewolf shape shifter and as such, agonized about her urges each and every month.  I found Alek to be a loyal and handsome and a worthy man for Jo. 

Not your average shape shifting novel, Falling for You is a great second installment of Barbara Elsborg’s Trueblood series.  I can’t wait to see what she releases next!


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