Educating Rose by Lissa Matthews

Cobblestone Press

Erotic BDSM

ISBN:  978-1-60088-295-1

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Rose has been enamored of dominant Jack for a very long time.  Curious about the BDSM lifestyle, she knows Jack, a lifelong Dom, will know exactly how to give her the education she craves.   All she has to do is convince him.

Jack does not wish to be committed to training and taking care of a submissive full time.  But there is something about Rose than keeps him coming back to her even as he tells her he wants no part of her.  Hoping to have one weekend in which to purge her from his system, Jack demands her complete obedience.  He will control her every waking moment – or so he thinks.

Reading the blurb for Educating Rose I knew instantly that I had to read this book.  The plot is exactly the storyline I love and so I happily began reading.  Within pages I began to realize that Educating Rose was not what I envisioned.  Instead of having a forceful yet loving Dom, I was given Jack.  ‘Bully’ does not even begin to describe his completely heinous personality.  He fought his desire for Rose with every breath that was in his body, yet he could not stay away from her.  And he punished her for it.  It was in that punishment, that I lost my faith in him.  Had I been Rose and in love with Jack, I would have taken his horrible and degrading treatment for maybe two minutes and then would have found an extremely sharp knife and gutted him. 

Educating Rose could have been so much more but the degradation of Rose at the hands of the man she loved above all others just did not endear me to this book.  BDSM is my favorite genre to read so my surprise and horror at Jack’s characterization didn’t sit well with me. I wanted to swoon at his alpha tendencies all the while waiting for him to cherish his submissive.  When that didn’t happen, it was all over but the crying for me.  Lovers of the BDSM genre might have a different opinion, and I really hope they do because evidently Educating Rose was not the book for me.


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