Desired Hearts by Tonya Ramagos

Three Hearts, Book 1

Siren Publishing


ISBN: 1-60601-252-5

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Aithne has finally come of age.  Custom dictates that a mating celebration commence so that Aithne can find her destined heart.  Unsure but excited, Aithne searches for the one man who will complete her.  What happens when one becomes two?  As soon as Aithne sees Dustin she knows he is the one.  Then, to confuse her further, she turns and sees Hakan.  What is a demigoddess to do?

For a virgin, Aithne has to be one of the luckiest innocents I have ever read about.  On her joining night she finds not one but two men that make her heart tremor, a sure sign that she has found her destined mate.  Both men catch her fancy and so the seduction begins. 

While Desired Hearts is erotic and steamy, I just never bought into Aithne’s feelings for Dustin and Hakan.  Everything seemed rushed and just moved too quickly.  The first love scene in particular I think is what clouded my enjoyment.  Had Desired Hearts been paced just a tiny bit slower, I would be able to rave about this erotic ménage.  However, be that as it may, Desired Hearts ended up leaving me wanting more story and less gratuitous sex.  I wanted to feel the connection between Aithne and her men and it was just not there. 

Lovers of ménage will probably still enjoy this book.  I just didn’t and I don’t think it is the author’s fault.  I just wanted more. 


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