Demonic Passions by Rena Marks

Ellora’s Cave

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781419916892

Reviewed by Lisa




Keara Knight, half human and half demon knows that Enishku, the demon lord wants her to be his queen.  One little hitch in the plan however, Keara wants nothing to do with the demon lord or his plans.

As a child, Keara reached out to Caleb Van Trump in their dreams when life was too difficult to fathom.  Caleb has bided his time, the years have passed and now he wants Keara for his own.

Deeply hurt and spurned by her human lover Dean, Keara spends her time gathering souls to help energize her in the coming battle with Enishku.  Keara is trying to keep Caleb out of the whole mess but he is not willing to sit on the sidelines and lose the woman he loves plus he just might have some surprises of his own for Keara and their possible future together.

Sizzling hot sexual encounters and new developments hallmark Demonic Passions by author Rena Marks.  Mysterious and complex, Caleb is the total alpha hero with his sensuous mastery in the bedroom, while Keara is complicated and desperate but too stubborn to ask for help.  The demon world has some pockets of confusion with a large cast of characters and multiple agendas but the love story between Keara and Caleb is what makes Demonic Passions so very worthwhile and entertaining.


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