Cosmic by Sharon Maria Bidwell

Loose Id

Futuristic M/M/F

ISBN: 978-1-59632-834-1

Reviewed by Lisa




On a search and destroy mission against the mighty Coalition a small band of rebels literally stumble across a lone woman named Sela who also claims to be part of the resistance.

Sela escapes with the rebels to their ship and then slowly learns the dynamics of the ragtag team. The leader is Marshall followed by Asta, Meliora, Snaithen or ‘Snake’ who is not the man they believe him to be and finally, Axel the loner who seems to only care about Snake.  Over time Sela, Snake and Axel explore the chemistry between them.  Their feelings for each other don’t waver even though one of them does all he can to fight it.

People gave up their lives for Sela to smuggle out secret weapon plans.  The information will help to destroy the Coalition but, before they can figure out how to implement the files things begin to go sideways and wrong.  It will all boil down to perseverance and will power to make everything turn out right.  The only other outcome is death.

Cosmic is an incredible journey of passion and love played out in the stars.  While Cosmic reads primarily as a science fiction story there is a romance that starts out slowly but picks up speed and by the last chapter the romance takes center stage.  The dynamics between the main characters makes Cosmic work; their three way romance shows that desire and love can make for strange bedfellows indeed.  Cosmic is a highly erotic and heartwarming tale but beware, it takes a long time to build and blossom into the passionate story it is.


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