Christmas Toy by Stone Richards

eXtasy Books

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-55487-191-1

Reviewed by Lisa




Stevens Realty is a successful business for owner Mitch Stevens as well as his many employees.  The only complaint in Mitch’s personal life is his lack of sex and the fact that he’s so far in the closet that the door is sealed shut, locked tight.

Mitch has a new property he plans to check in Colorado Springs even though Christmas is fast approaching.  He may as well go during the holidays.  Since his parents died several years ago there is no one at home to celebrate with.  Mitch is dumbfounded however when one of his employees, Mark Harper asks to accompany him to Colorado Springs.

Mark is also alone during the holidays since his family disowned him years ago when he announced he was gay.  Mitch has learned to be comfortable in the closet but Mark has other plans for Mitch.  Mark will do everything in his power to get Mitch to accept his own desires and hopefully notice Mark wants him as well.  Christmas is a special time; with any luck it will be unforgettable for Mitch and Mark.

Christmas Toy is an extremely erotic tale of self discovery and emotional growth for two lonely men.  This story deals primarily with one man teaching another the joys of love making in a highly sensual manner.  For the most part Christmas Toy is fast paced but, it’s slowed down at times by unnecessary crude wording when other language might have worked just as well.  Overall however, Christmas Toy is very hot and entertaining.


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