Christmas Tail by DJ Manly

eXtasy Books

Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 978-1-55487-192-6

Reviewed by Lisa



Kris Kringle aka Santa Claus knows that the in-laws donít truly like or appreciate him but a wish from a distant relative might just change their opinion of him.

Logan Fine plays things loose and free with the multitude of men he sleeps with.  His last partner, Brian Hamilton just wonít get it through his head that Logan doesnít want to see him again.

When Santa comes calling you either listen or figure that youíve lost your mind.  Logan keeps telling himself that heís just dreaming when Santa kidnaps him to Christmas Land.  Santa plans to teach Logan a lesson and what an important lesson it will be if only Logan pays attention and learns what is worthwhile in life.

Jingle bells in a Christmas Tail meant for love and romance.  Christmas Tail is both an endearing story of redemption and at the same time itís a very hot tale.  This Christmas Tail wonít keep you up on a cold winter night but it will definitely warm you up!


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