Chemistry of Evil by Lynne Connolly

Department 57

Loose Id

Paranormal Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-59632-845-7

Reviewed by Jo




Sophie Adams is spending a few days with her fiancé on a dig before their wedding.  Sophie is unsure if she still wants this marriage to happen after their time spent apart. One night her fiancé decides he wants more and Sophie knows that it’s over.  That knowledge doesn’t help the pain though, but maybe the man she just met can distract her a little.

Evan Howell works for Department 57 but he is on a personal hunt when he tracks down Sophie.  The attraction he feels is instant, but she is taken and Evan doesn’t poach.  When Sophie finds herself alone and in need of companionship, Evan has no problems stepping in. 

The night they met, something strange was going on and when they travel back to the United States, it appears to have followed them.  Evan knows that Department 57 investigates the unusual and even the strange, but he never thought he would become intimately involved in a case.  Then, he lost his sister under unusual circumstances.  Against all odds, the strangeness that is affecting Evan and Sophie goes back to King Arthur, Mordred and others from Arthur’s Cornwall or is that came forward?  With the help of his Department, Evan and Sophie will need to find the answers before anyone else is lost to what needs to remain in the past.

Can King Arthur and his court rise again?  In Chemistry of Evil myth and beliefs become reality or is it that reality becomes myth and beliefs?  Sophie returns to England for her upcoming wedding only to break up with her fiancé who has become a stranger.  Evan knows there is something wrong about how his sister died and he needs information from Sophie to understand it.  What begins as a disastrous weekend turns into a passionate love story with mystical suspense.  I always look forward to a Department 57 book and once again, Ms. Connolly did not disappoint.  Evan and Sophie take us from polite strangers to passionate lovers and while that would be enough to keep you turning the pages, then you have to throw in Arthur’s Cornwall and contemporary New York.   I also loved that I learned much more about the mysterious Cristos, the director of New York’s Department 57.  For a wonderful paranormal story, you can’t go wrong with Chemistry of Evil

If the characters or the plot sound familiar to you, this was previously released from another publisher.  However, this version has been re-edited and revised and is worth repurchasing.


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