Change of Plans by Jenna Byrnes



ISBN: 978-1-59426-852-6

Reviewed by Ley



Caught in a blizzard that leaves her stranded at Denver airport Kelsie Stanton wished she wasnít traveling alone as other spring break travelers milled around her.  Kelsieís plight becomes easier to bear when she catches the attention of Tom Smith another college kid travelling for spring break.  After sitting up all night talking in the airport Kelsie and Tomís attraction to each other leads to them getting a hotel room, where they find out even more about each other.

Caught up in the passion between them, Kelsie is unaware that there is an escaped convict on the loose who fits the exact description of the man who is introducing her body to pleasures she never knew existed.

Change of Plans had a great start and a really good storyline, but the completed package wasnít what I was anticipating. As always Jenna Byrnes writes fantastic and very hot sex scenes that I can actually picture as Iím reading, but outside of the sex I was not taken very much with Kelsie and Tom and how the story unfolded.  I didnít find Kelsie and Tom likable, especially Tom, I thought he was very obnoxious.  Because of these reasons Change of Plans was not to my liking.


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