Cat of a Different Color by Dana Marie Bell

Halle Pumas, Book 3



ISBN 978-1-60504-239-8

Reviewed by Tanya



Dr. Adrian Giordanoís two best friends have both been happily mated and while he is happy for them he is in no way looking for a mate.  Isnít the saying you will find you mate when you least expect it?  Well this is what happens to Adrian.  He thought he was happy with his occasional weekend date, thriving business and friends.  He found out differently when Sheridan Montgomery comes to town.  She is the former college friend of Adrianís best friends and has come to ask for help in the form of joining the pack.  Oh did I mention that Adrian and his friends are puma shifters? 

While Sheridan has been a loner since she was changed, she needs help with a stalker (former boyfriend) who has gotten way out of hand.  When she meets Adrian her inner cat tells her that he is her mate.  But, she fights it as she knows her stalker will be a death threat to Adrian if he suspects that she is mated to him.

Can the pack help Sheridan with her stalker?  Will Adrian and Sheri be able to overcome the obstacles and mate as nature wants them to?

After reading Cat of a Different Color my first thought, was ooh interesting, I had never thought what would happen to a were animal that was an albino, and the challenges they might face.  Add to this the dynamic writing of Ms. Bell, her alpha male characters, and a woman being stalked, and you have a winning combination that pulled me in from the first page.  I am now going out to find the rest of the Halle Pumas series.  I found that Ms. Bell handled the struggles and serious nature of stalking with the importance that it needs and at the same time was able to build a strong relationship between Adrian and Sheri.  I hope if you like were animal romances you will pick up Cat of a Different Color and I believe you will have an enjoyable read.


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