Carnal Desires by Crystal Jordan


Erotic Paranormal/Futuristic/Shape shifter

ISBN: 978-0-7582-2899-4

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Crystal Jordan has released three of her Wereplanet novellas in one book called Carnal Desires.  Fans of her work will shout for joy!

“In Heat”

Recently returned from a trip, Varad Mohan walks into the ballroom of his palace and immediately smells his wife.  She is in heat and Varad knows that once she sees him, nothing will do but for them to mate, no matter that their passion has seemed to have dimmed with the death of their child.  Varad knows that his queen will never turn him down but getting her to admit that she loves him once more is another thing and Varad won’t settle for less.

Mahlia sees her husband, King Varad across the crowded room.  Her senses kick in and the only thing she knows to do is run.  She runs because she can’t stomach the thought of delivering another child with the possibility of losing it like she lost her infant son.  Her plans go awry when Varad catches her and proceeds to show her how the king of all weretigers makes love to his mate. 

“In Heat” was out of this world hot.  I love the concept of mating heat and uncontrollable desire.  Varad loves his queen but in his inability to deal directly with his child’s death, he hurt her and while he realizes this almost too late, I thought him quite honorable to admit his feelings to her and show weakness when he was supposed to always be strong.  Mahlia’s character was a bit dearer to my heart because of her sadness and total devastation at the loss of her son.  My heart ached for her. 

“In Smoke”

Weredragon Lady Katryn has been living with weretigers on the planet of Vesperi for her entire life.  Pretty much ignored by her ambassador father, she is now required to head back to Harena, the planet of her birth in order to mate with her own kind and become part of a harim. Totally ignorant in the ways of dragons, Katryn is not sure she will be happy living in a new place.  The emissary sent by her affianced mate to transport her to the capital city, Tarkesh makes Katryn yearn for something she can’t have: him.

Lord Tarkesh and Lord Nadir are a mated couple.  Required by their matriarchal planet to mate with a female in order to breed, they know that their love for each other is strong.  However, they want to cherish and love their female mate as well.  Since Nadir is the more dominating of the two dragons, he sends Tarkesh to meet Katryn so that she won’t be scared.  Things backfire when Tarkesh and Katryn hit it off more than Tarkesh thinks they should and he feels like he has betrayed Nadir.  Only time will tell once Tarkesh and Katryn arrive and go through with the bonding ceremony. 

I love a good ménage story in which the characters are all bonded and in love with each other.  “In Smoke” was that type of ménage.  Tarkesh and Nadir were combustible enough as lovers without Katryn but add her into the equation and the entire trio was simply flammable. 

“In Mist”

Sera Gibbons has spent the last five hundred years in a cryogenic freeze.  As one of only two survivors of the spaceship she was traveling on, she survived the crash landing on the werebear world of Alysius.  Her friend Jain chose to remain on the planet with her newly found mate and Sera chose to stay with Brettan, a merman ambassador.  After nearly a year of being with him, Sera has fallen in love but she is no nearer to finding out his feelings for her than she was months ago.  One minute Bretton is aloof and the next he is sensual.  No matter how many times they come together in sexual ecstasy, Sera always feels as if Bretton only comes to her when he has no other choice.  She is so very wrong.

Give me a merman right now! I want one and am willing to do what it takes.  Bretton was drop dead gorgeous from the tip of his toes to his waist length black hair.  His overt sexuality kept me and Sera well entertained.  His emotions were hard to read; defense mechanisms he used very well.  I think “In Mist” is my favorite of the three novellas in Carnal Desires for this reason alone.

Crystal Jordan entrances and intrigues with Carnal Desires, a series of three intertwined novellas about a sensuous world of shape shifters and the mates that love them.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the world that is the Wereplanets. 


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