Black Aura by Jaycee Clark

Samhain Publishing

Sensual Suspense

ISBN 1-59998-504-7

Reviewed by Nannette




Lake Johnson’s psychic abilities failed her when she needed them most, so she went to New Mexico to lick her wounds. Gallery owner Maxamillan Gray has caught Lake’s eye. When she gathers the courage to approach him, she discovers that Max’s daughter Alyssa has a gift like hers.  While Lake tries to make her relationship work with the over protective and worried dad, she’s also trying to help Alyssa deal with her powers. Someone else wants Alyssa’s power. He needs it to survive. Can Lake help Alyssa trust in her gift before he finds her?

Black Aura picks up where Jaycee Clark’s Angel Eyes left off. Once Lake’s best friend Cora was targeted by an evil stalker and now her new boyfriend’s daughter is. Both times Lake has to rely on herself to save them.  Lake and Max are an interesting couple. Lake is intelligent and radiates an earthy magical quality. Max wields his own magic, as well, in the bedroom and with his ability to accept and embrace Lake and Alyssa’s eccentricity. Lake and Max are not the only interesting couple in Black Aura though. I loved Alyssa’s story and her relationship with Mark.   Jaycee Clark has written an exciting series that I hope will continue with Alyssa.


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