Beyond Meddling by Barbara Huffert

Total E-Bound

Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-906590-46-8

Reviewed by Chris



Evan Wilton has more than a few problems. His wife left him for his best friend. His company downsized him, leaving him without a job and few job prospects. Now, his grandfather, Walt, is haunting him.

Belynda Himmel used to be Evanís corporate travel agent. Working with him made her think of many naughty fantasies including the ever-popular sex-on-the-secretaryís-desk. In the last few months, sheís switched jobs and now works at the home Evanís grandfather resided at. Before his death, Walt tried desperately to hook Evan and Belynda up. Unfortunately, they do not meet again until at Waltís funeral.

Of course, sparks fly between the pair, but Evan, trapped in self-despair, canít understand what Belynda sees in him. Itíll take both a cranky ghost and a exceptionally patient woman to redeem Evan, and even that may not be enough.

I expected more from Beyond Meddling. Too many chunks of the story are told via flashback. Too much of the emotion and plot are plopped down in a tell-not-show format. An erotic short story needs to be a tight read, and thereís little room for complicated back story. Unfortunately, Barbara Huffert takes up too many pages doing just that. In addition, Evanís sexual prowess just cannot offset his woe-is-me, poor self-esteem laden personality. The best character in this story is Walt, a crusty no-nonsense foul-mouthed old man that unerringly fits the profile. Loved him! If Ms. Huffert spent as much time crafting the hero and heroine as the secondary character this story would have sparkled.


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