Best Laid Plans by Cat Kane

Liquid Silver Books

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59578-483-4

Reviewed by Ley




Elliot has a reputation as a wedding planner, just not the reputation he wanted.  After a disastrous wedding threatens to finish him in this business for good, a chance to redeem himself falls into his lap.  After meeting the bride and groom, Elliotís golden opportunity to plan a high profile wedding is quickly threatened when he finds himself attracted to the groom.  What makes matters worse is Dylan, the groom wants him too and aggressively pursues Elliot.  Knowing itís wrong Elliot canít stop himself from giving into his attraction to Dylan

When Dylan and Veronica decided on a wedding it seemed like a good idea at the time, but that was until Dylan met Elliot.  Telling Elliot the truth about the wedding heís planning could bring their fragile relationship to an end much quicker than Dylan would have liked.

Best Laid Plans is a good story.  Elliot is a sweet guy who had a string of bad luck, Dylan was good for him in the fact that he was very aggressive and brought out the aggressive side in Elliot.  I didnít like the deceitfulness surrounding Dylan and Veronicaís reason for using Elliot to plan their wedding, but I understood why they were deceiving their family with planning a wedding.  I liked this story and I especially liked the epilogue, it was the perfect ending for Best Laid Plans.


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