Beast of Desire by Lisa Renee Jones

The Knights of White, Book 2

Silhouette Nocturne


ISBN-10: 0373617836
ISBN-13: 9780373617838

Reviewed by Emma




Every Knight of White had been a Beast, who  had a soul. They spend their lives fighting their primal urges, urges controlled best by war or sex. As long as they control their urges, they can continue on the side of Good in the internal battle between Good and Evil.

Des is second in command of the Knights of White, and he is walking very close to the dark side of his beast. If he chooses wrongly, he may end up being a Darkland Beast, an enemy of the Knights of White, instead of helping to command them. Desí immortality  is wearing thin and he is close to making that one decision that could make him the Beast he does not want to be.

Jessica Montgomery has managed to become guardian of the Book of Solomon. Her mother had spent her life looking for the book and after her death Jessica and her father found it and wanted to keep it safe in memory of Jessicaís mother. To Des, Jessica is becoming a needed desire. He feels an overwhelming connection to her, a connection he is unsure of, a connection that is starting to take over Desí life.

Beast of Desire is an intriguing and fantastic second book in The Knights of White series. Desí struggle with himself and his desire for Jessica was well-drawn and appealing. As characters, Des and Jessica were flawed and yet perfect. Destiny is used as a thread that keeps the reader believing that maybe, just maybe, there is someone for everyone no matter how mysterious a person is. If you like paranormal with some suspense, Beast of Desire is a novel you will enjoy and look towards the next novel in the series with anticipation.


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