Bear Hug by Tuesday Morrigan




ISBN: 978-1-59596-890-6

Reviewed by Tanya



There may be a raging snowstorm outside of the cabin, but Alyssa has decided that enough is enough.  She has had a crush on her employer since the beginning but the sexy man doesn’t seem to share her thoughts of fantasies, and she even knows what he is and is ok with that.  She has stayed his nanny as long as she has due to the fact she also loves his son.  But she’s had it, and tries to head out into the storm, quitting as she goes.  But she never even gets out the door and is in for a big surprise from Devlin.

Ms. Morrigan does it again with Bear Hug, she has written as fast-paced story about a were-animal out of the norm.  In some ways I wish this story was a full length novel. I do feel that Ms. Morgan did the genre proud in how she developed the characters thoroughly while meeting the space requirement of the series.


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